How do I cancel my family subscription?

How do I cancel my family subscription?

When you finalize the purchase of your Netmath subscription, you will be able to access your profile and start using the activities offered to you.

If for any reason you wish to end your subscription, you can cancel your service at any time by selecting the GO TO MY PLAN button under the MANAGE MY FAMILY tab. Once the process of cancelling your service is complete, your subscription service will continue until the end of the current payment period and will not be renewed.

However, if the content offered on Netmath does not meet your needs, we have a satisfaction guarantee policy for the first 30 days of your first subscription (not applicable to a renewal or second subscription). All you need to do is contact our support service by email ( ) or by phone ( 1-888-528-8066 ) to request a refund.

Following your request, we will credit the total amount of the payment received during the first 30 days. Refunds are generally processed within 3 to 5 business days depending on your financial institution. The refund is always applied to the original payment method.

A refund transaction receipt will be sent to the email associated with the parent account.

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