How do I share my collection with my students?

How do I share my collection with my students?

Note that sharing a collection with students, and assigning one or more activities are two different things. If the activities in a collection are not sent to the student, they will not appear in your TRACK ASSIGNMENTS report. For further details, click on the following link: What's the difference between sharing a collection and assigning activities?

Similar to the operation of assigning activities, it is possible to share your collection with one or more groups, or to share it with one or more targeted students.

Here is how to proceed:
1) In the COLLECTIONS section, select your collection to share.
2) In the collection header, click the SHARE button (top right corner).

3) A management table will appear. Check the box located next to the group's name or number, in order to share the collection with the whole class. You can also open the group to view your students' names. Check the box for one or more targeted students. It is also possible to share your collection with individual students from different classes.

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