Why add an email address to a student account?

Why add an email address to a student account?

If there is no email address associated with an account, it's impossible to use the password recovery feature.  

Beware that many School boards don't allow student to receive emails from outside their boards so this procedure wouldn't apply to them. Their teachers would have to modify their password for them if need be.

To facilitate student activation next September, make sure that your students have registered their email addresses in their accounts.

How can I check if my students have added their email address?

Simply go to the 
MANAGE CLASSES menu in the top right of the page in your teacher account. 

There, select your group and you will see a list of your students. For each student, you will have the following information:

If your student has an email address registered in their account, it will appear in the column labelled Email.

If this is not the case, you can ask your student to enter their email address in the 
My ACCOUNT menu in their profile or you can also select the blue pen on the right of the usage column and add an email address to the student's account yourself.

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